Protected: How Important Is Food Safety In Today’s Day And Age?


Pakistan ranks number nine in the list of top ten countries with the lowest access to clean drinking water.

In case that doesn’t highlight the gravity of the situation enough, 21 million out of our total population of 207 million people do not have access to clean water. If you’re wondering what the numbers for clean drinking water are, it’s even worse; eighty-four percent of our population does not have access to clean drinking water.

Living in Pakistan, it is safe to say that health is a significant concern. Especially given the heat these days, it is best to be cautious about what you’re eating and drinking. The fact that we even need to pay so much attention to the water that we drink is distressing. However, such vigilance is crucial; diseases due to contaminated drinking water cause approximately 40% of all deaths in Pakistan. They also cause around 30% of all diseases in Pakistan.

Maintaining standards that are up to par needs to be the highest of priorities.

That being said, a few companies are doing their part to ensure health standards and quality, one of them being Nestlé. The company has recently launched the iTrustNestlé campaign that in simple terms, helps you trust Nestlé.


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