How to enable Facebook Ads Monetization on your pages by using Facebook Watch


Facebook now allows its users to monetize their video content through Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch allows owners of Facebook pages to enable Monetization on their content and earn some money from creating content on Facebook.

So finally, Facebook introduces there very fast video Monetisation program Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch allow its users to show ads to break in their video content. Facebook Creators can earn a very handsome amount from their videos by showing ads during live streams or 3 minutes long video videos.

What are the Requirements for Ad break (Facebook Monetisation)?

  • A Facebook Page with 10k (10,000) Followers
  • 30000 one minute views on your 3-minute long video in last 60 days
  • Content must follow Facebook monetization eligibility standards
  • Last but not least Country Eligibility

    These are the current four requirements by Facebook for ads break. If your a video creator and having all the required elements then your in and you can show ads on your videos. Don’ worry if in case you are missing any of the Monetisation requirements. In this post, I will also guide how to complete all the requirements of the Facebook Watch.


    The very 1st requirement for Facebook ads break is you must have a Facebook Fan page with 10k follower or Likes. If you don’t have 10,000 Likes on your Page you can’t Monetize your videos with ads breaks. For getting 10,000 followers you can hire any social media expert or promote your page using your Facebook boosting.

    1 Minute view for 3-minute videos:

    It’s mean you at least have 30000 active views of one minute on any of your video with a length of 3 minutes minimum. These views should come within the last 60 days which mean you need a video with at least 100k views for getting this requirement complete. If you have this amount of views well and good but if you don’t have then don’t worry about that you can hire me and i can complete the 30,000 one minute views for you. You can do it by yourself by sharing your content in big groups or by using paid promotions, its all depend on you which way you select to achieve the video views for Facebook Watch.

    Monetization Eligibility Standards:

    This section is about terms and conditions where you follow the policy of Facebook Ads Break or not. For making this section green you have to avoid copyright strikes or content which can be the cause of a third party interference.

    Country availability:

    Right now Facebook Ad Break is available in few countries and most of the countries are in Europe or you can say only European countries users are allowed to use Facebook ad break. If your country is not supported by the Facebook ad break you can change the page address and add any random USA address. Also, add an admin account of USA on your page which help you n making green your Page country. You can create a USA account by using any proxy software or ask your friend who lives in the USA.

    I suggest you to watch this video and follow all the steps taken in the video to make your page country available. 


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