Bulk SMS Software for SMS Marketing 2019


Bulk SMS Software Help you in sending more sending bulk SMS. Help you in SMS Marketing and getting new sales + easy to promote your business. This software can be the game changer for you. As we know an average human check his phone more than 80 times a day. Which mean there are more chances of opening your message.

How Bulk SMS Software Works?

Basically, bulk SMS Sender software is the tool which is used by the marketers to promote their offers. It will help you in sending the same message to 1000’s of phone numbers in just one click. Which helps you in saving your time and easy to monitor. You can even use this software with your local mobile phone number by using any SMS Package.

What you need to just import the file of phone numbers and then create your message which you want to send to those phone numbers. Then select the group/Number list. Click on the send and your message will be delivered to all phone numbers within a few minutes.

Even you can set autoresponders for specific replies from users. Which can help you in more conversion and increase your response rate. On the same time, you can configure this amazing tool with your website or any other software.


  • Bulk SMS Sender
  • Scheduler
  • Delivery reports
  •  Works with the Mobile phone by using a data cable
  • Autoresponders
  • Timer
  • Gap
  • Import unlimited contacts
  • Send Unlimited SMS

You can get this amazing tool just for 25$ only which include free 100,000 Phone numbers list from any country of your choice free. For placing your order just email me at: product@ultimatebloggingtips.org


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