How to create 500k Likes Facebook Fan Page within 14 Days


What?? if I tell you: That you can get unlimited targeted Facebook Likes without spending a Penny.  Yes without spending a Single penny you can get as much targeted likes on your Facebook Page. So, stop spending time and money on fake or costly methods for likes. Work smartly and get Likes as much you can.

Today I am going to Discuss top 2  and core methods which can help you in growing your audience rapidly.  You can easily create a new page with 500k + likes in just 14 days. If you have any old page you can make it viral in a few hours.

How to Get Facebook Page likes Free of cost? 

If you’re looking for 100% targetted audience page for your business or niche. You have to work on the Method which I am going to discuss below.

Facebook ID to Page [Convert your Facebook Account into Page]:

Facebook allows you to convert your personal account to the Facebook page. Page has the same name as your profile have and you can change the name later. In the past when you convert your account to Facebook Page; your profile has been removed from Facebook and you only have a page. For access that Page you can use your login of account that you converted into a page. But Now Facebook Made new update and you have both things Page as well as Account.

Now when you convert you Convert account into a page you can add your friends as a Page likes for next 14 days. It means that you can add your all Friends as Likes on your newly converted Page. So now I am going to disclose the whole technique of getting likes through this method.

How does this technique work for you?

Create a new Facebook  Account with the name you want to have on Page. Now convert your account to Facebook Fan Page. If you don’t know how to convert your profile into the page then simply follow instructions which are mention below.

How to Convert Facebook Profile into fan page in 2 seconds?

Open your account and go to the following link:  []. Now simply click on Get Started. Now you successfully converted your account into a fan page.

Now back to our main Technique of creating 500k Likes Facebook Fan Page in 14 Days:

After converting your Account into fan page now it’s time to change the name of your profile which previously named as your page name. Set an attractive Female name and upload Display Picture of female. When you’re done with name and DP now it’s time to join some big groups from where you can add a huge amount of friends without doing any expect a single post in the group. You have to join 10 -20 groups and post photos of girls with a killer caption.

You will start receiving friends requests instantly and you just need to accept all requests and when you reach to limit of 5000 friends just go to your page and click on the profile to page option. Select you all Friends and click on add friends to page button. You 5000 Friends now also part of your page likes without any invitations.  Now Unfriend your all friends [ With the Help of script I mention in starting of Post] and add new friends. Repeat the same process for 14 days. After 14 days you can’t add your friends to page likes.

Now let’s talk about How to Make old Page viral like hell??

Most of the page owners are facing low reach problems in these days.  So, everyone wants to make their page active and gain some new likes. In the past, I am facing the same issue on my pages but I get the trick how I can overcome reach issues on my pages. You need to give at least 15 – 35 minutes to each post if you want to make it viral.

For this technique, you have to join those Facebook groups which are related to your page topic. Like if your group is about News then try to join at least 20 -40 news group having at least 50k members in each group. Before joining these groups I am going to cleat one thing you need 5-8 new account from where you can join 7-10 groups from each account.

When you’re done with joining groups from newly created accounts. Now it’s time to create a unique and attractive content[post] on your page.  After 10 minutes of publishing your post start sharing your post in those Groups and keep in mind while sharing your post in the way, they don’t look like spam.  If you follow all the steps I mention you will get an awesome response within hours.

You can also use Facebook Live streams for getting more response from the audience. Use OBS for Going live on your PC while using pre-recorded videos. I suggest you use famous actors or Females live streams to get more reach and likes on your page.


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