China-Built Stadium 974 to host Poland Vs Argentina match


The FIFA match between Poland and Argentina will be played tonight at Stadium 974. Who will win in the end? And what’s so special about this stadium?

The buzzwords around the stadium now are green and sustainable. Built with a total of 974 shipping containers, Stadium 974 is the first-ever FIFA World Cup stadium that adopts modular containers, meaning that it can be dismantled and assembled anywhere.

Designed by Spain-based Fenwick Iribarren Architects, the stadium is built by China’s CIMC, the world’s largest container manufacturer and modular construction company.
As per media reports, another Chinese company lays the lawns for the stadium.

It is learned that Pakistanis also play a role in the construction of the stadium. “I have work in this stadium. Supply some steel,” commented Tasawor in a post, where Mansoor also proudly said “I know. I have worked in this project.”

Modular construction is attracting an unprecedented wave of interest around the world. The construction uses factory-produced pre-engineered building units that are delivered to site and assembled as large volumetric components or as substantial elements of a building.


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