China Port, Karachi – Location, Attractions and Much More


Karachi harbors an extensive tourist attraction, from its beautiful Arabian coastline to mouth-watering eating spots. China Port Karachi is another distinctive attraction known for its unique Tetrapod oyster rocks.

The tetrapod oyster rocks surrounded by blue sea on both sides are a mesmerizing spot for relaxation amidst the waters. The spot was named after China as our friendly neighbour built it. This artificial breakwater built by China protects the port from strong tidal waves.

However, the port was banned in 2018 due to massive tourist throng and waste accumulation disrupting the spot’s natural beauty. When Karachiites came to know about the spot, they started uploading pictures which flourished on social media attracting tourists from all over the country.

The port was not meant to be a tourist attraction and therefore had no arrangements for handling the trash and a large number of sightseers. All these factors contributed to the closure of the port for three years. However, the port is now open again for visitors.

Tourist attractions

Numerous scenic views at China port leave you in awe of nature. Its prime attraction is the tetrapod rocks laid across the port. The blue waters surrounding the breakwater from both sides present mesmerizing views. Feel the peace in the beautiful sounds of water waves striking the port. It is the best place to clear up your mind and relax.

China Port, Karachi

The visitors must not forget to behold the close views of the islands. The elevating rocky formations with tall cranes operating in the background show the vastness of this beautiful port. You can also see the container ships entering and exiting the South Asia Pakistan Terminal (SAPT).

China Port, Karachi

Where is China Port in Karachi

China port Karachi location can be accessed via different routes. The location can be reached from Sea View Road and the beach. If you are coming from Sea View Road, cross the Bin Qasim Park, Clifton, and reach the Marine promenade, which takes you straight to your destination.

If you are coming from Sea View Beach, cross the Noor Ali Ground and the Summit tower. Take the left turn and move on to a narrow road that will take you directly to the China port.

Other tourist attractions

The visitors can visit many other places on their trip to China port.

Bin Qasim Park

Located in the close vicinity of China port, Bin Qasim Park is considered among the largest parks in the city. A beautiful green garden with an abundant seating area offers the picturesque sight of the Arabian sea.

Bin Qasim Park

Dolmen Mall

The Dolmen mall is popular in Karachi, housing world-class brands and facilities. If you want to do some shopping or eat something on your trip to Chia port, you can visit Dolmen Mall. It has all the National and International brands with an amazing food court to fulfil your cravings.

Dolmen Mall

Sea View Beach

The sea view beach is another accessible and great place to add to your trip to China port. The tourists can simply enjoy walking and sightseeing the artistic sunset.

Sea View Beach

The article summarizes everything you need to know about the distinctive and fascinating China Port.


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