The Government Has Just Made ‘Drug Tests’ Compulsory For Students & Teachers In Islamabad!


Among the various wicked, immoral and destructive elements that have seeped into Pakistan’s society at large is drug abuse. Sadly, the drugs made their way into the hands of young students and into the very educational institutes that teach them the grave consequences of using narcotic drugs. It’s a large network of peddlers silently destroying the country from within by creating addicts. What better way to ruin a nation than by destroying its future generation.

Previously, Rana Sanaullah was captured in a narcotics case after Anti-Narcotics Force found 15-20Kgs of heroin in his car. Furthermore, drug usage has even consumed the Police forces as they were seen openly smoking joints on-duty. This goes to show the dire need to intercept the smugglers and distributers whilst imposing strict punishments onto the users.

PTI government makes drug tests mandatory for every student and teacher in Islamabad!

In a bid to control narcotic drug usage, PTI has finally taken progressive steps to put a stop among the student body and teaching staff. Narcotics Control Shehryar Afridi told a Senate panel on Thursday, that no one who is closely involved in drugs will be spared; be it the distributor, smuggler or user. He stressed on the fact that even a parliamentarian is caught to have any part, will not be shown mercy simply because of their status. Furthermore, Afridi informed about the legislation to punish the possession and distribution, saying that it is in the works by the government.

Secretary Narcotics Control Amjad Javed Saleemi informed the Senate committee that a complete record is being maintained by the PTI government that includes the criminal entities involved in the trade of drugs. This particular system, he maintained, helps in tracking down peddlers and their facilitators.

This is indeed a great step taken by the government to tackle the narcotics issue prevailing within the community, especially among the students and teachers that play a vital role in the progress and stability of Pakistan. Hopefully, this tracking-down system will be devised to run for the long-haul as one-time-sweep never works. Sooner or later, another group rises to the occasion.



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