These 6 Rain Videos Prove That Karachiites Are A Complete Different Breed!


Rain is a blessing! There is no denying that however in this metropolitan city of Karachi many might do a double-take just seeing the situation we are living in. Hence, one must always be optimistic. Check out how Karachiites manage to even enjoy a thunderstorm rain!

1. The KPT underpass

Now usually when a sane person hears the word thunderstorm or rain, they plan on how to avoid the situation by staying indoors. But what to Karachiites do, we enjoy the failure and poor performance of Sindh government officials. Check out this exotic view of the KPT Underpass Clifton.

2. Flooded road surfing

Now you might be wondering what flooded road water surfing is? Well, you see Karachiites tend to turn every frown upside down. Who needs to go to the sea for such adventures when you can clearly enjoy the same experience with the Sindh government’s negligence and rainwater!

3. Crocodiles roaming free? No containers floating is another risk!

The year 2020 rain is something that is going to be always remembered, especially with the horrors that came gift-wrapped with it. A few days back the horrific video of crocodiles of Mangho Pir shrine

But by the grace of Allah, Karachi people aren’t fearful of being bitten or becoming a meal to crocodiles as much they are fearful of being ambushed or worst, crushed by a floating container.

4. Going with the flow!

Apparently, the proverbial statement of ‘going with the flow’ got a bit too literal for this fine fellow. We hope that the flow just doesn’t ever hamper his positive outlook on life. Literally!


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