100 Mosques In Germany, Holland Put Azaan On Loudspeakers Amid COVID-19 Scare


The Azaan (call to prayer) for Muslims was carried out for the first time on loudspeakers in Germany and Netherlands the other day. A video showcasing the Azaan in the heart of Berlin has gone viral on the internet.

As per reports, nearly 100 mosques in Germany and the Netherlands on Friday rang the call to prayer Azaan on loudspeakers. This was done as a gesture to show support towards Muslims during the ongoing pandemic. The mosques belonged to the Turkish-Muslim group DITIB, and IGMG.

Only in Germany, 50 local mosques rang the Azaan to pray for relief from COVID-19, said a member of DITIB. Azaan on loudspeakers is illegal in Germany and has been so for a while, other than some special occasions.

Watch: Azaan in Berlin

On the other end, in Holland, the Azaan is being widely accepted as a gesture of support. Today, every religion, sect, and school of thought is unified against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus, in fact, has united the world like never before. Religion, empathy seems to be the new trait of the world. As of today, Germany’s death toll has surpassed 1500 and active cases have reached a towering 100,000.

Overall, the total cases of COVID-19 coronavirus have reached 1.2 million. With no vaccine present yet, the pandemic can only be contained, not controlled.


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