5 Mistakes Of Parents After Divorce That Ruins a Child’s Life


It is true that marriage is a very sacred and powerful bond. However, not all marriages work. Many marriages end due to lack of compatibility and other issues and there is in fact a Guinness Record for highest divorce rate which belongs to the Maldives.

Getting divorce is indeed very difficult, one has to go through a lot of stress, trauma and emotional instability. Not only the couple but also their children suffer tragically during this hard situation. Many parents ignore the fact that their child is going through worse because of their divorce and needs support too. Children are badly affected by this situation.

In this article, we are sharing the common mistakes that are made by parents that affect the child badly. So, check these out and if you can relate, then try to avoid these mistakes.

1. Making Your Child to Choose Among You

This is the most common mistake made by the parents that are going through the divorce period. They make their child choose any one of them. It is very traumatising for a child and he feels like he is hurting the other one by choosing any one parent. He feels guilty.

Don’t force your kid to choose any one parent. Solve this issue legally with your spouse. Don’t let your child go through all this.

2. Talking Negative About Spouse To Children

They put all the blame to their spouse for getting a divorce and tell the kids mistakes done by one of their parents. They speak negatively about them. By this behaviour, the child gets affected mentally and starts hating the other parent. They fill his mind with so much negativity for one of his parents.

Don’t forget that the child is not only yours but also your partner’s. He is having equal right on him. Don’t make your child feel negative about one of his parent. Your child is equally attached to both of you. So, don’t accuse or blame each other in front of him.

3. Using Child As A Mediator

Many parents use their child as a mediator during this period. They make their child as a medium of conversation with their spouse. The child then passes all the messages between the couple. They forget that their child is vulnerable and he is not an adult to understand everything that is going wrong with his parents.

Don’t use your kid as a mediator. Talk to your partner all by yourself even if you’re not on talking terms. Don’t involve your child in this matter.

4. Trying to be Their Favourite Parent

In order to take custody of their child, many parents try to be their favourite parent. They do this by demeaning and blaming their partner in front of the child and make them hate the other parent. They often let the child do all the things that are restricted by the other parent no matter how bad it is. By doing all this, they only ruin their child.

Don’t cross every limit for what you want. Think about your child first. Don’t let your child deteriorate the upbringing principles set by you and your spouse.

5. Treating Child as an Adult

Parents treat their child as an adult ignoring his vulnerability and emotions. They try to force their decision on them and think that they will understand everything going between their parents.

Truth is, your child is very innocent and vulnerable. He may not understand your situation, your decision and your behaviour. Your child needs your supports the most. Don’t treat them harshly. Be open about your decisions but it is not necessary to tell them all the unnecessary things about your broken relationship.


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