Rizwana Torture Case | How Are The Events Unfolding?

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An incident took place in Islamabad where a 14-year-old domestic worker, Rizwana was allegedly subjected to abuse and violence by the wife of Civil Judge, Asim Hafeez. The events continued to unfold as the statement of the victim was released.

Rizwana worked as a housemaid at the residence where the incident occurred, and it is alleged that she endured torture at the hands of the judge’s wife. The medical examination conducted by a board of doctors revealed that Rizwana had been poisoned and diagnosed with sepsis, a potentially life-threatening infection. These findings emerged after a detailed examination by the medical board. Rizwana’s condition is critical, and she is currently receiving treatment at Lahore General Hospital. The medical board has emphasized the importance of the next 24 hours for her well-being. The severity of her injuries and the poisoning indicate the serious nature of the alleged abuse she suffered.


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