‘Usman Wanted To Marry Me But I Refused,’ Says Uzma Khan During Press Conference


Pakistani actress Uzma Khan held a press conference in Lahore on Thursday on the recent harassment incident that she and her sister had to face. After filing an FIR against Malik Riaz’s family, she opened up but her side of the story in detail during the scheduled media talk.

Uzma and her lawyers claimed the women involved in the incident were the daughters of the real-estate tycoon, Malik Riaz. While Riaz himself has denied being associated with the matter in any way.

In the press conference today, Lawyer Main Ali Ashfaq represented Uzma Khan and Huma Khan as well as barrister Hassaan Niazi. He answered all the media questions on Uzma’s behalf.

‘Usman proposed to me but I refused to marry him’

Uzma revealed she and Usman were friends for two years but they were not on talking terms since December 2019. 

“His family is also aware of it and I have evidence to prove that Usman was constantly contacting me after December 2019. He proposed to me and I denied. Amna or anyone else in her family has never contacted me before 23rd May [the day of the incident]. Usman is still calling and texting me and I will give evidence in court,” Uzma shared.

Uzma also said she never met Amna before in her entire life. Although Amna claimed in a video message that she warned Uzma several times to stay away from her husband.

Also, Uzma claimed Usman’s wife made her accept all the accusations against her at gunpoint.

The claim that the house where I live belongs to Usman is wrong: Uzma

Uzma’s lawyer said Amna Malik’s claim that the house where Uzma and her family lives belonged to her husband was bogus. “We will be providing proof of the rental agreement to the police which is signed by Uzma’s friend Babar Nasim who is not at all related to Usman or his family.”

“Threatening with violence and intent to harm with arms is another non-bailable offense with 10 years imprisonment. Amna has accepted in her video that she barged into the house. You can see the violence and threats in the video as well. Both these crimes are punishable but so far no arrests have been made,” Mian Ashfaq added.

However, after all the fuss, now Amna Malik is seeking a divorce from Usman Malik.

Since videos went viral of a gang of women who broke into actress Uzman Khan’s house and caused havoc for allegedly having an affair with a man called Usman Malik, social media has been up and arms about the whole incident.

Many Usmans have been targetted for the same incident, however, Barrister Khadija Siddiqui has shared a cleared image of the accused Usman.

Who is Uzma Khan?

Uzma Khan is a Pakistani actress and model. She started her career with the film Waar and later appeared in the film Yalgaar. She has also shared screen space with actors Humayun Saeed and Fahad Mustafa in films ‘Yeh Jawaani Phir Nhe Aani‘ and ‘Yeh Jawaani Phir Nhe Aani 2‘.

Apart from films, she has been seen doing modeling for big brands. Uzma has also walked the ramp for many famous Pakistani designers.

While Uzma’s sister Huma Khan is also a model with over 132k followers on Instagram. She has worked for notable names such as Maria B. and Rizwan Baig and Munazza Rizwan couture.

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