8 Surprising Things You Must Know Before Visiting Japan


We all love to visit different countries. However, there are some countries we can get to visit comfortably while there are some countries we should just not think of visiting. But, Japan is none of them. It is a place everyone wants to see once at-least in the lifetime. Probably because of their technologies and ideas they implement to make the livelihood better. And that is why, Japan has several important rules which every person has to follow, no matter if its their own citizen or any visitor. So, if you are one of them who’s planning to visit Japan, here are 8 very important things you must know or you may get surprised.

1. Capsule Hotels – Stay for everyone.

It may sound weird but Capsule Hotels are the place anyone can stay without emptying their wallets. Yes, thats true. Unless you are not a VIP with big bank Balance, you must know that regular hotels in Japan are too expensive for most of the people. Alternatively, you can try staying in hostels but you won’t be the only one staying in the room alone, it gets shared within few people. So, the best option in cheap rate is the Capsule Hotel. Not only they look good but they also maintain your privacy.

2. Always remember to take off your shoes

In Japan, you will find Signs to take off the shoes at most of the places. Be it anyone’s house, temples, Schools, Community Centers, traditional Hotels and even at some of their Restaurants. It is very important.But don’t think you can go even bare foot. You must have socks. They are very sensitive about cleanliness. Hence, Japanese also keep a special sort of shoe for bathrooms

3. Always carry your “Emergency Kit” no matter how long you staying in Japan.

Japan is know for Natural disasters like Hurricanes and Earthquakes. We’ve seen such events several times in news for Japan. So, no matter you are visiting Japan for a week or for months, you must always carry your Emergency Kit, just in case. This is not only for visitors, but their citizens too carry such bagpack with them that includes some necessary stuffs like Food, some cleaning products, etc.

4. Remember the name ‘KOBAN’. It is just more than 24/7 working Police Stations.

We usually find Police Stations in every 2 miles of area in any country. Japan has it too. But you will also find places with board called ‘KOBAN’ in capital letters. This is Police station too, but a special type of Police that works beyond just controlling crime. Formed over 100 years ago in Japan, KOBAN helps visitors to find their place, they return back lost things. they transport drunk people to their homes, and more such things. This place is certainly the best place for visitors to get help.

5. 24/7 Kombinis Stores – Help you from Food to any other Situation

Like KOBANS, there are some stores too named ‘Konbinis’. These are 24/7 working stores that helps people anytime with any thing. If you are in Japan and see signboards like 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Ministop and Lawson, then you are at Konbinis. At these small stores, not only you can buy raw or cooked food, but also send or receive packages, pay your bills, buy plane tickets, buy any concert ticket, or any other basic product or services. Even if you are looking for toilet on street, you are not gonna find it, but you can use the clean toilet inside these stores. Yes, they allow it for everyone. These guys are so good that they even offer you free napkins and spices.

6. Don’t forget 100-Yen store if you are low on wallet

Among those expensive stores in Japan, you will also find ‘100-Yen Stores’ that offers you wide range of quality products in just 100-yen. You get almost every necessary things in here including food, snacks, detergents, cosmetics, toys, clothes, shoes, souvenirs and a lot more. Well, 100 Yen is just $0.89 United States Dollar

7. Done Shopping? Don’t forget the Tax

In most of the countries, the MRP of products are inclusive of taxes. But that’s not the case in Japan. Anything you buy, you will have to pay the cost of product + 8% tax. So, always check the label of each product you touch and plan your shopping accordingly. However, there are also some shops in Japan which are tax-free. You got to find them.

8. Never ever forget the “No-Trouble” principle of the country.

As we said in the beginning, Japan is very conscious about the livelihood of their citizens, they have several important rules which everyone has to follow. If you have read history of Japan, you might know that Japanese in ancient times have lived in small territories, together, and they respect and love each other. So, they don’t like causing any trouble for anyone around them.

Some of their ‘No Trouble’ principle includes not getting stuck on couches in malls for long time, speaking in slow voice on Mobiles in public, standing in Que at transportation sites, etc.




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