Satora…Beautiful village of KPK


The village Satora is located in the region of Abbotabad, in the province KPK. It is present on the Harro river bank, which gives the tourists amazing and eye catching view. We must admit that we are eager to visit these beautiful villages asap.

It’s one of the beautifull and biggest village in Hazara KPK. Satora lush green valley and enjoy the natural greenery with us. In the way from Daman-e-Koh via Barkot Jabri to Satora and Sajikot Waterfall the large number of streams hills covered with trees and grass looks beautiful The Vistosrs Wants stay forever here.The region is most hilly and mountainous and presents a landscape rich in water resources, woods, natural beauty.

The Road in Margalla Hills Area is newly built Road till Halli Pull (Hilli Bridge) Route # 1 wagon from F-6 Markaz (Super Market) also give transport till Kohala Bela they charge for it is Rs. 50/- appox. Khoala Bela Bazar towards Jabri جبری , then one newly Paved road lead towards Satora Valley ودای ستوڑہ . It is Up site of Satora River and countless natural scens. Then it?s become Fabulous Off Road round 10Km from Satora village to Pirkot Valley. Out Trip is End up on Interesting Desi Water Fall of Saji Kot.

Satora has a population of about 3000 individuals. Satora Vally is the center of its many adjacent Villages Like,[5][6] Kangrohtar,Tareeman,Sunbal Dahra etc. There is one Government High School which has been recently upgraded to Higher Secondary Level. Till recent times means of transportation were limited with only one hand made road but now the roads are being constructed from many sides, people are generally farmers.

Satora belongs to the union council of Nara. The main clans of the area are Sardars,Karlals,Saadaat,Abbasi and Awans with many sub-clans of the Karlals.


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