Shamoon Abbasi Came Out To Support Hamza Ali Abbasi


Hamza Ali Abbasi has decided to quit acting and vowed to spend his life to spread the message of Islam. In a video, he announced his decision is based on 10 years of research.

He also shared when he was 14-15, he became an atheist since he could not find answers to who could create such a universe. He shared he had questioned his life. But it was science that made him come back to the religion.

This message of Hamza Ali Abbasi took social media by storm. Many people supported him while others criticized him.

Actor Shamoon Abbasi supported Hamza Ali Abbasi and said, “I don’t understand why everyone thinks that @iamhamzaabbasi was an atheist he was and is a good Muslim guy with good morals We spent time together and I feel that his decision of preaching Islam is a good way of keeping him away from the viscous world of showbiz. Good luck Abbasi.”

Here is Shamoon Abbasi’s tweet to support Hamza Ali Abbasi


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